Networking Advantages in Multi-Image Source Operating Rooms

Medical imaging systems require video interfaces that transfer high-resolution images in real-time with low, consistent latency between imaging sources, processing units, and displays.

In a networked operating room, a film-based X-Ray panel in the C-arm has been replaced with a digital flat panel detector (FPD). Pleora’s embedded video interface hardware allows designers to easily integrate GigE Vision video connectivity into FPDs. In legacy systems where FPD images are sent over an existing legacy interface, Pleora’s external frame grabbers convert images into a GigE Vision video stream. Video from other image sources, for example a lamp head camera, is also converted into GigE Vision by an external frame grabber.

With all images converted into a common format, using basic networking they can be transmitted and multicast to processing, analysis, and display equipment. Per-frame metadata is transmitted over the Ethernet link for easy integration with DICOM-compliant software and hardware. At the computer, the video streams in through the Ethernet port, allowing the use of lower-cost processing platforms.

A key advantage of the GigE-based distributed network is the ability to aggregate image sources and patient data.  In the operating room, an external frame grabber converts the GigE Vision image stream into HDMI/ DVI signals for viewing on a dashboard that displays recorded and real-time patient data from different imaging devices and systems. The surgeon or operating team members can easily switch between imaging sources without reconfiguring hardware.


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