Reduce Cabling and Computing Costs in Surveillance Systems

In a surveillance application, Pleora’s external frame grabbers convert images from existing Sony, Camera Link and analog cameras into a video stream that is transmitted over Ethernet directly to the port on a computing platform used for processing, analysis, and display.

The external frame grabbers transmit video with low, consistent latency at high frame rates between cameras and computing platforms or display panels. Video, along with power and control data, is transmitted over low-cost Ethernet cabling to existing ports on the computer or display. Competing approaches require multiple cables for video transmission and control, external power sources, and PCI frame grabbers to capture images at the PC or display.

With all cameras connected to a common network, video can be transmitted easily to any combination of analysis computers and displays using a basic Ethernet switch. For example, the video feed from a GigE thermal camera can be blended with images from a visible light camera to give end-users more detail on a region of interest.

A diagram of Pleora's Surveillance & Security Cameras application

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