Networking Performance for Real-Time Imaging Systems

Global manufacturers rely on Pleora’s interface products, networking expertise, and systems knowledge to bypass development and integration in high-performance imaging applications. As the trusted partner for camera manufacturers and system integrators worldwide, our products are designed into thousands of high-performance imaging systems for machine vision, medical imaging, transportation, and military, security, and defense applications.

Machine Vision

Computing, cabling, networking, and bandwidth advantages for cameras and image systems deployed in quality inspection, robotics, and transportation systems.

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Security & Defense

Real-time video networking to improve intelligence and awareness in a range of manned and unmanned defense and security applications.

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Flat Panel Detectors

Deliver real-time uncompressed video from imaging sources to processing platforms and display panels in X-ray, microscopy, and telepresence applications.

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Real-time networking and multicasting capabilities for transportation monitoring, tolling, and inspection applications

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Life Sciences

Process, analyze, and display high-bandwidth video and data with extremely low latency or delay

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