We may not have current opportunities available, but we are always planning for the future. Below are some examples of opportunities and skills we’re looking for. Register for job alerts when we post open positions.

Job Family Key Responsibilities Typical Skillsets
Contractors We contract with individuals and firms to augment our engineering teams, and for expertise in our non-core skills. See different skillsets listed below.
Application Engineering Technical support during pre-sales activities to Pleora Sales professionals to help close deals; post-sales to help customers integrate Pleora’s products. Required to interface with engineering to solve technical issues and support with camera designers, OEMs, System Integrators, distributors and various internal teams. C, C++, scripting languages, in Windows, Linux and/or Mac; Low-level configuration of PC system internals including drivers; Embedded software/firmware; development knowledge of FPGA, DSP, etc.; Knowledge of Video streaming/compression technologies.
Embedded Software Engineering Design, develop, and implement software drivers, libraries and/or applications for Pleora’s embedded platforms. Develop software targeted at embedded processors in FPGAs. Isolate and correct software and product defects, conducting root-cause analysis. C or C++ and debugging skills with knowledge of cross-platform software development, testing and evaluation procedures; embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS) or Linux using object Oriented principles; Understanding of hardware MCU eco-system with experience in hardware development and FPGAs; experience with imaging and/or machine vision; scripting languages such as Makefile, Bash, Perl; use of packet analyzer tools such as Wireshark.
FPGA Designers Enable features on our hardware products. Perform RTL design for FPGAs including synthesis, simulation, and timing closure. Work with embedded software to design robust features that meet requirements.


FPGA development skills: Digital Design for FPGAs (Verilog or VHDL); Synthesis and timing analysis (Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, etc.…); Test bench design (System Verilog) and simulation (Aldec, ModelSim, etc.)
Hardware Designers Design hardware components that meet requirements with functional prototypes on the first spin. Perform hardware schematic capture for high speed FPGA based designs. Board level high-speed digital schematic capture; Digital Design for FPGAs; FPGA synthesis and timing analysis.
Software Engineering Design and delivery of Pleora’s software development Kit (SDK) and related products at both the device and application level. Windows, Linux; C and/or C++; GIT/SVN, Kernel/driver programming.