What do our employees say about working at Pleora? Here are some comments from a recent workplace survey.

The company recognizes the value that employees bring to defining strategic ambition, improving the way the company operates, and providing input into strategic programs. The leadership team clearly recognizes the talent, experience, and expertise of the Pleora team.

Information is transparently conveyed to the employees. 360 degrees respect is believed in and is practiced.

Senior management genuinely cares about the employees and their welfare. They provide many opportunities for employees to express their ideas and opinions and contribute. The work environment is positive and healthy, with everyone working with the continued success of the company in mind.

Pleora fosters a sense of community and continuity across the organization, from consistent management-level training to encouraging cross-functional teams/interactions to company BBQs and events.

People who work at Pleora have the opportunity to influence change and feel the results more directly than you would in a large organization.

Our President and VP team are very accessible to engage with and share & discuss issues, concerns, successes.

Pleora is the thought leader in our target markets.

Evolutionary technology within existing core competencies.

Pleora is transparent, provides clarity of roles, and communicates on strategy.