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Pleora Product Overviews

vDisplay - Autonomous Source Control Configuration

Demonstration of how to quickly and easily configure a vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabber for autonomous control of 3rd party cameras. This demonstration utilizes an application which is available on the Pleora Support Center. For more information, see

vDisplay Autonomous Source Control Configuration - Video

SB-GigE and SB-U3
External Frame Grabbers

This Introduction to Pleora's SB-GigE and SB-U3 External Frame Grabbers for Sony block cameras, provides an overview on why Pleora external frame grabbers are the best solution to transform Sony Block cameras into GigE or USB 3.0 cameras. For more information, see

SB-GigE and SB-U3 External Frame Grabbers - Video

Sony VISCA and GenICam

In this video we describe how Pleora's SB-GigE and SB-U3 wraps Sony's VISCA command set in a simple, friendly GenICam interface, ideal for rapid prototyping and development. For more information, see

Sony VISCA and GenICam - Video

Video Interface Standards

GigE Vision Over Wireless Demonstration
at VISION 2012

Pleora's live technology demonstrations at VISION 2012, in Stuttgart, Germany. John Phillips, Pleora's Senior Manager, Marketing, walks through two demos: GigE Vision over Wireless and GigE Vision over 10 GigE. In addition, he shares the company's announcement to extend its video interface family to include USB3 Vision.

GigE Vision Over Wireless Demo - Video

Introduction to GigE Vision

Introduction to GigE Vision presented by Pleora's Senior Product Manager, John Phillips. Find out why adoption of this international camera interface standard is increasing and how it ensures full interoperability between vendors. Learn how the GigE Vision standard benefits everyone involved in the design, deployment, and maintenance of video applications.

Introduction to GigE Vision - Video

10 Years of Simply Connecting Video Networks

Pleora's Rob Lee, summarizes advances in GigE technology for networked video connectivity over Pleora's 10 years in operation. The video showcases Pleora's high-performance solutions leveraging the flexibility of switched Ethernet client-server architectures to deliver advanced video networks, including the new iPORT™ SB-Pro adaptor for block cameras by Sony and the world premiere of Pleora's 10 GigE.

Simply Connect - Video

Video Interfaces and their Applications

Video-over-Ethernet in the Defense Sector

In this Global Spec presentation, John Phillips, Pleora Senior Product Manager, shares how the military and defense sector is taking advantage of video-over-Ethernet capabilities.

Defense Sector - Video

GigE Vision® Interfaces:
From Medical Diagnostics to Image-Guided Surgery

Beyond enabling exceptionally reliable image transmission, the use of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) networks and the adoption of GigE Vision® interfaces in a wide range of medical devices have enabled the cost-effective development and installation of digital imaging systems worldwide. Ethernet is the only transmission medium that offers long cable reaches in addition to providing multi-sensor aggregation and image/video distribution capabilities using standard switches and other network equipment, and is so widely deployed that equipment and support are readily available anywhere on the globe. This presentation will share why and how Ethernet is being used in medical devices today, as well consider future advancements including GigE Vision over 10 GigE and wireless transmission.

Medical Sector - Video

Pleora Product Demonstrations

Introduction to Multicast

An introduction to multicasting using Pleora's GigE Vision compliant external frame grabbers.

Introduction to Multicast - Video

Networked Video for Vision Systems:
How to Configure Pleora Products for Multicast

Networked video allows for virtually every configuration option — from traditional point-to-point to point-to-multipoint and everything in between — which allows system integrators and designers to meet the specific needs of more markets. Watch John Phillips, Pleora's Senior Product Manager, quickly and easily configure elements of Pleora's comprehensive suite of networked video connectivity products for use in a multicast environment. In this demonstration, a Gigabit Ethernet switch connects the elements and replicates video data to multiple, subscribed receivers.

Multicast Demo - Video

Video Interface Transmitters:
Intro to iPORT™ SB-Pro IP Engines

Transform your Sony block cameras into GigE Vision® compliant cameras easily with Pleora's iPORT SB-Pro IP engines. In this video, John Phillips, Pleora's Senior Product Manager, demonstrates how easy it is to connect an iPORT SB-Pro IP engine to a Sony® FCB-H11 block camera and stream high definition video. Complete with feature control using the GenICam™ standard, the iPORT SB-Pro IP engines are ideal for systems integrators looking to differentiate their offerings, increase interoperability, and introduce networking capabilities.

iPort SB-Pro Demo - Video

Connect Multiple GigE Vision® Devices with Pleora's NetCommand™ Sample Application

In this video , Pleora's Senior Product Manager, John Phillips, introduces you to Pleora's NetCommand sample application, included with Pleora's eBUS™ SDK. Learn how easy it is to connect and stream from multiple GigE Vision devices simultaneously. Our NetCommand sample application demonstrates how an application created using the eBUS SDK can dramatically reduce overall system costs by processing multiple video streams in a single application – an essential capability in any advanced networked vision system.

NetCommand Demo - Video