Design Briefs

Machine Vision

Industrial Robotics

Reduce design and cabling complexity in industrial robot applications by treating Camera Link cameras like plug-and-play USB 3.0 products

Sports Broadcasting

GigE Vision® external frame grabbers reduce costs and complexity while providing straightforward approach to precisely synchronize vision system elements in multicamera applications

Print Verification

Embedded video interface simplifies cabling and enables use of lower-cost computing platforms for display and analysis


Networked Operating Room

Advanced video interfaces for medical imaging system help preserve capital investments in cameras, sensors, and processing systems — while enhancing outcomes — by enabling networking and cabling advantages

Scientific Microscopy

Reduce cabling complexity and system costs in microscopy applications by treating Camera Link cameras like plug-and-play USB 3.0 products


Military Vetronics Systems

Gigabit Ethernet is a natural choice for video transmission within military ground vehicles, due to its light-weight cabling, networking capabilities, and support for a range of different computing platforms


Multi-Camera Ship-to-Shore Container Crane

Deploy fully networked, real-time multi-camera vision systems for automated container transfer to help improve efficiencies, accuracy, and safety in shipping terminals

Automated Railway Inspection Systems

Overcome design complexity, limited reach cabling, and expensive networking by transforming Camera Link Full cameras into 10 GigE Vision-compliant cameras for railway inspection systems


iPORT SB-GigE and SB-U3

GigE Vision and USB3 Vision external frame grabbers simplify cabling and allow Sony block cameras to be used with a broader selection of computing platforms