vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers

Compact, low-power replacements for PCs at display monitors

Pleora’s vDisplay™ HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers allow system manufacturers and integrators to increase system reliability and lower power consumption by eliminating PCs at display monitors. These external frame grabbers are compact, solid-state replacements for PCs where size, weight, power, or reliability are critical considerations.

The vDisplay HDI-Pro consumes approximately 3.2 Watts (W), which dramatically reduces electricity costs in 24/7 applications. A start-up time of only a few seconds provides an additional advantage over using a PC with a standard operating system.

vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers interact seamlessly with Pleora's other products in networked digital video systems. The frame grabbers are also compatible with the GigE Vision® and GenICam™ standards, enabling them to interoperate with third-party equipment in multi-vendor systems. The HDI-Pro receives video data from GigE Vision® compliant cameras and outputs it in real time with low, consistent latency over an HDMI/DVI interface.

The HDI-Pro can be pre-configured to receive video from any of 32 cameras via unicast or multicast transmission, and can autonomously control up to eight cameras. It is bundled with Pleora's feature-rich application toolkit, eBUS™ SDK.

Product Features

  • Solid-state device for display of video from GigE Vision-compliant cameras over an HDMI or DVI interface, with low, consistent latency
  • Auto-senses monitor resolution and refresh rate capabilities
  • Autonomously controls GigE Vision-compliant cameras without the requirement for a software control application

Photo of a vDisplay HDI-Pro video receiver

Easy to mount in tight spaces, Pleora’s vDisplay™ HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers are an ideal substitute for PCs at viewing stations.


How to Configure for MultiCast video


iPORT vDisplay HDI-Pro Development Kit

Pleora's iPORT™ vDisplay HDI-Pro Development Kit enables the rapid design of prototypes and proof-of-concept demonstrations of vision systems using the company's iPORT vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers.

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Compatible Vision Standards