iPORT NTx-W Embedded Video Interface

Wireless solution eliminates cabling while leveraging field-proven protocols and software

Product Overview

Pleora’s iPORT™ NTx-W Embedded Video Interface provides systems manufacturers and integrators with a straightforward way to integrate GigE Vision® 2.0 wireless video connectivity into cameras, X-ray panels, and other imaging devices for applications where cabling creates complexity, cost, and usability challenges.

The iPORT NTx-W Embedded Video Interface streams uncompressed video with low, consistent latency at sustained throughputs up to 150 Mb/s over an IEEE 802.11n wireless link. Video is transferred directly to a laptop, tablet, or single-board computer, eliminating the need for a desktop PC with an expensive frame grabber card.

To ensure reliable wireless performance, Pleora’s iPORT NTx-W combines the guaranteed video delivery mechanisms incorporated in the GigE Vision standard with flow control that adapts video transport to link speed. The embedded hardware supports 3x3 MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) and dual band for improved range and noise immunity, standard encryption modes for security, and access point and client modes for flexible networking configurations.

The ultra-compact video interface hardware is easily integrated with core sensor electronics and is fully compliant with Version 2.0 of the GigE Vision® standard, simplifying its use in multi-vendor environments. To speed development time and reduce costs, designers can choose from a selection of antennae pre-certified for use in over 80 countries.

The iPORT NTx-W is supported by Pleora’s feature-rich eBUS™ SDK application tool kit and drivers, which allows designers to rapidly prototype and deploy production-ready software. The eBUS software suite uses a single set of functions to receive video over wireless 802.11n links, future wireless connections based on IEEE 802.11ac, 10 GigE, GigE, and USB 3.0. This simplifies applications design and reduces the support costs of portfolios with multiple interface offerings.

Product Features

  • Built on IEEE 802.11n; compatibility with off-the-shelf network cards and routers
  • Sustained throughput up to 150 Mbps in controlled environments
  • 3x3 MIMO and dual band for increased range and noise immunity
  • Supports both access point (direct connection to PC) and client (connection to access point) modes
  • Large frame buffer allows for fast sensor readout, with metered delivery over wireless

Compatible Vision Standards