Quality Inspection Systems

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) is a natural choice for video transmission within web inspection and other quality inspection systems, due to its long-distance reach, networking capabilities, and ability to support a range of different computing platforms.

GigE Vision™ cameras are useful in these systems, but may not be practical in installations where video transmission is already designed around analog or Camera Link interfaces, or in new systems based on existing designs where changing the camera, sensor, or optics is not desirable. In these situations, manufacturers and integrators can use Pleora’s external frame grabbers to simplify system implementation and maintenance, extend the life of legacy systems, future-proof designs, and enhance performance.

In the diagram below, existing Camera Link Medium cameras are converted to 10 GigE by deploying Pleora’s iPORT CL-Ten External Frame Grabber. Alternatively, Camera Link Base mode cameras can be converted to GigE using Pleora's iPORT CL-GigE External Frame Grabber.

Ethernet’s long cable reach allows system designers to move the processing computers off the gantry and away from the harsh climate on the inspection floor. At the PC, all the interfaces connect via GigE, eliminating the need for a computing platform with an available peripheral card slot. As a result, system designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using computing platforms with smaller form factors, such as laptops, embedded PCs, and single board computers.

To enhance reliability, Pleora’s external frame grabbers can be set to multicast image data to multiple computing platforms simultaneously, using an off-the-shelf GigE switch. This allows designers to optimize individual PCs for different types of defects, rather than mating a PC to each individual camera. Moreover, if a primary PC is taken offline for maintenance or live testing of new image processing algorithms, inspection functions can be assumed by backup PCs, without the need to switch cables or change software settings.

Pleora’s external frame grabbers contain a sophisticated programmable logic controller (PLC). This PLC can accept triggers from laser sensors or rotary encoders, and accurately synchronize both the camera’s sensor and the strobe light.

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