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Medical Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Convert unwieldy legacy interfaces into standards-compliant interfaces to reduce cabling complexity and increase distance.

Military Vetronics Systems

Reduce the size, weight, and power of video systems, while controlling different cameras from a single protocol and SDK.

Quality Inspection Systems

Locate image processing platforms away from the harsh climate of the inspection floor, while reusing existing cameras and optics.

Multi-Lane Free-Flow Tolling Systems

Move image processing platforms off gantries to reduce maintenance costs without changing cameras.

Industrial Cameras

Use embedded hardware to rapidly create a family of cameras compliant with vision standards.

X-Ray Detector Panels

Develop high-performance panels for digital radiography and fluoroscopy, while leveraging standards-based technology.

Industrial Robotics

Reduce design and cabling complexity by treating Camera Link cameras like plug-and-play USB 3.0 products

Railway Inspection Systems

Convert Camera Link Full cameras into GigE Vision to reduce cabling complexity and increase distance.